Maximize Your ROI: Return On Intern – The Entrepreneurial Way

Maximize Your ROI: Return On Intern – The Entrepreneurial Way

MODULE 1: Why you want interns

Trust us and our experts: You want interns to work with your organization

Interns infuse high energy, creativity, and fresh perspectives. With minimal management and oversight, interns can help you accomplish goals and grow your business!

Watching the videos compiled in this course will help you to:

  • Identify reasons that organizations use internships
  • Form a plan for working with interns, including strategies for how to find, hire, evaluate and retain them
  • Learn ways to sustain your internship program
  • See first-hand experiences about internship programs from interns and employers

Course Resources:

Within each lesson is a Course Resources section containing additional material that will help with the development and implementation of your internship program.


Your Interns Can Teach You About More Than Just HashTags

There's a common misconception that interns are only good for teaching people about new software applications or the latest social media advancement.

Many entrepreneurs and their counterparts from more traditional organizations in Northeast Ohio credit their interns with helping them find an interesting new way of looking at a situation.

Learn about how interns have helped different organizations

Can You Just Dust Off A Desk And Launch an Internship Program?

Having Interns Requires Some Planning, But How Much?

Some employers say that the best way to bring interns into your organization is to do the equivalent of throwing them into the deep end of the pool. Translated, this means just have them show up and find their way.

Learn about various strategies for what you need to do to prepare for interns' arrival.

How Can You Tell If An Intern Will Be A Good Fit And Should Grades Matter?

Let's Talk To The Experts

NOCHE staffers interviewed dozens of employers in the region to learn about selection and hiring best practices. We wanted to know if anyone has a secret formula.

Quite honestly, we also wanted to know how important employers think students' grades are when making hiring decisions.

Learn strategies for how to match your needs with an intern's interests, abilities, skills and motivation.

Don’t Have Your Interns Make Coffee or Copies

The Experts Are United

There was a time when it was OK to ask interns to make you coffee. That year was probably 1950.

The employers we interviewed were unanimous: Interns should not be making coffee or copies.

Learn why it is dangerous to undervalue your interns and their contributions to your organization.

Should You Pay Your Interns and How Much?

The law is becoming more clear about what qualifies as an unpaid internship

Some Northeast Ohio employers pay interns. Others offer only credit. Some do both.

And still others are trying to figure out what to do.

Recent court rulings are making it clear that employers should not have unpaid interns do the work of regular employees.

Learn about the rules regarding payment for interns and the various practices invoked by some regional organizations.

Your Interns Today May Be Your Co-Workers

Many Organizations Use Internships As Pipelines For Talent

Countless interns have landed their first positions after completing internships at organizations. The internship is a valuable way for organizations to identify talent and an equally important way for interns to do some vetting of their own. They can think about their career options.

NOCHE staffers (and interns) talked to several Northeast Ohio employers about their experiences with interns.

Learn how to use internships as your best recruiting vehicle.

Internships Have Enormous Value for Interns and Companies

Internships Pay Dividends For All Parties

Internships pay dividends for interns and companies.

NOCHE staff talked to dozens of Northeast Ohio employers and heard amazing stories about how both parties were changed by the experience.

Learn about the many ways in which interns have made important and lasting contributions to organizations.

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