Your Interns Today May Be Your Co-Workers

Many Organizations Use Internships As Pipelines For Talent

Countless interns have landed their first positions after completing internships at organizations. The internship is a valuable way for organizations to identify talent and an equally important way for interns to do some vetting of their own. They can think about their career options.

NOCHE staffers (and interns) talked to several Northeast Ohio employers about their experiences with interns.


Abbey Seman, the human resources manager at Cohen and Company, explains that the regional public accounting firm, relies on its internship program for finding future employees.

“We view them as an integral part of our company and most of our interns we actually end up giving them entry level position offers for after graduation.” – Seman

Transcription of Seman Interview    —    Read More About Abbey Seman Here


At Vision Solutions, the primary objective of the internship program is to identify future employees. Annette Kramer, the talent manager at the company, explains that this is why she launched the internship program.

“It really is a pipeline initiative in order to get students to come in on a full-time basis.”– Kramer

Transcription of Kramer Interview    —    Read More About Annette Kramer Here




Linda Miller, manager of training and development for the Centers for Families and Children, says the first place that her agency looks when it has full-time openings is to former interns.

“If we’re looking for an entry level position or even any kind of position, a lot of times the hiring manager will hire the interns that they have had either in the past or currently.” – Miller

Transcription of Miller Interview    —    Read More About Linda Miller Here


Developing a Talent Pipeline

  1. Do they have a good work ethic?
  2. Do they have ability to learn?
  3. Can they work in a team environment?
  4. Can they work alone?
  5. Do they need constant supervision?
  6. Are they creative and innovative in their thinking?

Hiring interns as full-time employees make answering these questions much easier.

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