Your Interns Can Teach You About More Than Just Hashtags

There’s a common misconception that interns are only good for teaching people about new software applications or the latest social media advancement.

Many entrepreneurs and their counterparts from more traditional businesses in Northeast Ohio credit their interns with helping them find an interesting new way of looking at a situation.

In the short video linked below, you will hear about how one intern helped a Northeast Ohio company land a major Ohio university as a client all because of sports and algorithms. In the other videos, you will hear stories about how interns have made contributions to various organizations.


Jessica Shook, a human resources generalist and supervisor of the internship program at Dwellworks of Cleveland, described how the internship program she manages is far more than just interns sitting around and waiting to be told what to do.

Instead, she said it’s a serious two-way learning environment where full-time employees are expected to learn from the interns. She told a story of how Dwellworks managers asked interns for some specific recommendations about the very hot topic of “millennials” and how to attract them.

“They want to make sure that fun is incorporated into the workplace and luckily for us we’re pretty fun!”– Shook

Read More About Jessica Shook Here    –    Transcription of Shook’s Interview



Annette Kramer of Vision Solutions works with many interns. And she knows – from first-hand experience – that these interns have a lot they can contribute. A former intern helped the company land a big client because of how he looked at sports and data.

“We have a lot of creative intern ideas.”
– Kramer

Transcription of Kramer’s Interview    –     Read More About Annette Kramer Here



Jim Cossler, the chief executive officer of the Youngstown Business Incubator, explained that many interns represent a coveted age group for corporations that need to reach millenials. Cossler said hiring great interns is a good first step in an organization’s quest to reach that group. Cossler has more to say about this.

Transcript of Cossler Interview    –     Read More About Jim Cossler Here


Abbey Seman is the human resources manager at Cohen and Company. Abbey knows that interns have a lot to offer and at Cohen and Company interns are treated as young associates who have important contributions to make.

“They’re not here to get coffee or make copies, they’re here to do real public accounting work.” – Seman

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Tom Lix, the founder of the start-up Cleveland Whiskey, says he doesn’t want to make whiskey the way anyone else does and he doesn’t want people who think like anyone else does. That’s why interns are a critical part of his business. He believes they think differently and he wants that.

“I want to do things differently. Let’s look for better ways of doing things. “ – Lix


Read More About Tim Lix Here    –    Transcription of Lix’s Interview


What can interns provide your organization?

  1. A fresh and unique perspective
  2. Current and innovative skills
  3. Drive and energy
  4. Enthusiasm for learning

Common Goals for Developing an Internship Program:

  1. Fresh solutions to routine issues
  2. Assist with special projects
  3. Affordable workforce support
  4. Increase productivity

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